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National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism NIAAA


The charts show global consumption of spirits, which are distilled alcoholic drinks including gin, rum, whisky, tequila and vodka. This is given as the share of adults, aged 15 years and older, who have drunk alcohol within the previous year. Drug Use disorders are often classified within the same category as mental health disorders — research and data on mental health can be found at our topic page here. A significant proportion of the disease burden attributable to alcohol consumption arises from unintentional and intentional injuries, including those due to road traffic crashes, violence, and suicide.

When alcohol enters the body it enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain. While alcohol has euphoric effects, its depressant qualities also cause drowsiness and reduced coordination. In large quantities, alcohol can lead to slowed breathing, trouble walking, and even death. There are a handful of factors that influence how people react to alcohol. People react to alcohol differently based on genetic factors, family drinking history, alcohol tolerance, alcohol intolerance, body weight, and even gender. These factors can influence how much alcohol causes intoxication and how well the body processes alcohol.

Minnesota Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Reports show that 623,000 teenagers had AUD, including 298,000 young men and 325,000 young women. These values amount to 2.3% of the boys and 2.7% of the girls in this age bracket. These teen alcoholism statistics were retrieved from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Due to Covid-19, a stay-at-home order was issued in the United States. Due to Covid-19 and many people staying at home, we might see a drastic change in alcoholism statistics for 2022.

This may be an indication of alcoholism, a medical condition that makes it difficult to live a healthy life. Some of these include drugs that were once common prescriptions, such as Laudanaum. These drugs also have a high potential for abuse; this may or may not be due to addictive properties.

Hawaii Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Alcohol Use Disorder and alcoholism have damaged some groups or demographics more than others. Alcohol abuse statistics indicate some inequalities may be due to social conditioning. Learn how many people ages 12 to 20 engage in underage alcohol misuse in the United States and the impact it has. These alcohol facts were determined thanks to a pooled assessment Alcoholism Statistics of 21 studies in which comparative hazards were estimated. The results revealed that the general risk of obstructive sleep apnea rose by 25% among individuals who drank alcohol to a greater degree than people who consume low quantities of alcohol or none at all. In addition, it’s estimated that drunk driving costs the US more than $199 billion yearly.

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